Daddy Ball at the High School Level?

Over the years I've coached a lot of baseball, and my boys have been coached by others in both rec league and in travel ball.  After a while you sort of get used to the idea that there will be to some degree an unfair advantage a coach's kid will have over the rest of the team.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of coach's out there that do not know how to spell, let alone understand or endorse the concept of team.  Of coarse coach's are different and they have their own take on how the game should be played.  Some are simply trying to live through their kids/grandkids, some seem to think that they should be coaching in the pro's, and of coarse there are those that are truly in it for the kids.

Before my boys entered into high school, I had always thought that the whole daddy ball deal would be left behind and the players would get time based on their talents and/or abilities.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that high school baseball would be at the forefront of daddy ball.  I had known idea that the reason you suffer through rec ball was to get you in prime condition to deal with the wannabe high school coach and his clan.

Its tough enough having to deal with program cuts to freshman sports.  Now the kids will have to deal with making the baseball team based on their status with the coach and his family.  Family and friends get a spot on the team automatically.  If you aren't one of the privileged, then the few remaining spots are based on the players skill set and if he has pissed off the coach or offended a family member.  And just to rub things in the unworthy players face, coach is only going to carry 15 on his roster, half of which are freshman and sophomores.

These wannabe coach's should not be allowed to coach at public schools (or anywhere for that matter), especially when they spend most of their time recruiting family and friends.  Oh, did I mention coach's kids play for free?  If you are being recruited you get to play for free as well!!

Sheldon High School should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to occur.  You allow a head coach to bully and intimidate players to the point that they either quit, or drop academic classes in order satisfy coach's demands. 

Coach Mike, people would have more respect for you if you were in this for the kids.  It is very obvious that you do all that you do to satisfy that ego of yours (which by the way is as big as your belly!!)  Its not about the wins that you can't seem to find, its how you teach the sport to the kids.  Go back to rec ball Mike and let the high school be coached by someone that knows the game of baseball and is willing to develop the players. 


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